How to Dispose of Your Used Cisco Equipment

When you are planning to modify your business, there are certain things you need to do away with. This could include old computers, furniture or network systems that are no longer in use. However, there is a significant challenge for businesses since they may not know what do with their networking equipment. Some might just put them away in a cabinet and lock them away as a form of disposal. This is not right since it violates some policies given by the department of information technology asset disposition. If you are one of such business owners, this article will help you understand how you can get rid of your network equipment the right way.
The first step is to clear all the data from your used Cisco equipment. The same way you clear data from your computer or your hard disk is the same way you should do to your switches and other networking gadgets. This should happen before you sell them off. It will prevent any unauthorized hands such as hackers from getting access to the data that you have stored on your devices. There are several methods you can use to wipe your devices clean of any information stored on them. One common method used recovers your saved passwords by having access to the global configuration mode which also is used by network experts to wipe data too. 
As a business person, you may decide that you do not want anyone else to use the Cisco equipment you want to dispose of. There are companies that offer Cisco recycling services. Such companies are work with experts who have certifications from Cisco to ensure that your equipment is recycled appropriately. Working with a recycling company is beneficial since it helps you to save the environment by preventing the increase of lead on the earth. Recycling is also a great way to use the resources that are available maximally. 
Additionally, Cisco as an organization works together with its customers to help minimize electronic waste. Collection of used network equipment that is not in use is done in various organizations. Parts of the equipment that are not broken can be used in the making of other devices, so they are harvested. This could include circuit boards, cable, and copper wires. You will not be charged for the pickup of this equipment. However, you have to fill in an application form online so that they can know where to find your company and give you a pickup date. The right way to dispose of used Cisco equipment will preserve the environment for the future generation. Visit for more.